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Our Mission

Sada Usul HK is a company built on a set of guiding principles and a mission and vision that drives our success. We are committed to providing the highest level of service, any time, in any environment for the benefit of our customers, employees and the communities we serve.

Oilfield Services

Provision of oilfield services

Oilfield Equipment

Supply of oilfield equipment


Contracting and Engineering

Oilfield Chemicals

Supply of oilfield chemicals

Our Products and Services

Sada Usul HK’s vision is to be a go to company that delivers a competitive and innovative products and services in energy sector

Oilfield Services

Sada Usul HK is focused on delivering integrated oilfield services.

Oilfield Equipment

Supply of safety equipment, pipes, valves and fittings as well as accessories. Hand and power tools, consumables.


Commercial and industrial contracting solutions.

Oilfield Chemicals

Supply of wide variety of oilfield chemicals.

Industry Work

Performing general industrial works on sites, installations.


Provision of Engineering services.

If you need industrial solutions.We are available for you.

Product and Equipment solutions to solve your toughest challenges

Company Overview

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Introducing Sada Usul HK

The world is changing and so is the complexity of today’s energy projects. To satisfy the energy demand operations are involving multiple suppliers for a variety of services and solutions leading to increase in complexity and risk of seamless execution. Sada Usul HK was founded to provide innovative solutions to overcome new challenges. With the depth of our employees’ combined experience we are focused on simplifying processes, streamlining communications and ensuring excellence in execution for projects of all scopes. Sada Usul HK can tailor solutions that meet the needs of your operations while providing the added value that can only be achieved by working with a trusted services provider. It is our determination to deliver mission-critical products and services on-time and onbudget safely and reliably in any environment, no matter how challenging.

Our Values

Sada Usul HK is committed to performing all operations safely and perfectly. Commitment to company values in all aspects of our business is a guiding cultural principle


Our people, the combined motivation and dedication of their teamwork to achieve outstanding customer service in a safe and clean environment.

Excellence in Execution

Our commitment to flawless service delivery execution.


Our determination to maintain highest personal integrity as well as doing business in a consistent and transparent way.

Continuous Improvement

Our understanding of consistent and long-term approach to improving processes, products and services.